I'm proud to have been a part of Sydney Theatre Company’s The Wharf Revue creative team, designing the video and sound for their productions since 2010.
The shows writers and creators, Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phil Scott, are amazing at what they achieve and it's always a pleasure (and a blast!) working with them.

Déja-Revue 2018

The Wharf Revue: The Patriotic Rag 2017

The Wharf Revue: Back to Bite You 2016

The Wharf Revue: Celebrating 15 Years 2015

The Wharf Revue: Open for Business 2014

The Wharf Revue: Whoops! 2013

The Wharf Revue: Red Wharf: Beyond the Rings of Satire 2012

The Wharf Revue: Debt Defying Acts 2011

The Wharf Revue: Not Quite out of the Woods 2010


“David Bergman returns to handle the video elements with the sort of aplomb that suggests a budget much bigger than it probably was”. John Shand.

Everything in this show from the performances to the technical aspects displays a high level of professionalism.  The set, realised by Barry Searle, and the lighting, designed by Martin Kinnane, work very well together and the costumes by Scott Fisher and Paul Warren are clever and imaginative.  There's also excellent sound and video design by David Bergman. Canberra Critics Circle.

“The crackerjack pace of each revue sketch is supported by David Bergman's video and sound design” Peter Wilkins, Canberra Times.

“Lights by Martin Kinane and sound and video design by David Bergman enhance the mirthful ministrations of this quad of patriotic piss-takers. By jingo, it's your patriotic duty to see it.” Australian Stage.


“However, designer David Bergman’s judicious editing of live video clips emphasises the more serious fact that some politicians (like Kevin Andrews for instance) come back to bite themselves!” Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers.

“this year’s Revue is effectively staged via projected backdrops and video clips (lighting: Matthew Marshall, sound and video design: David Bergman” Diana Simmons, Stagenoise.


“Lighting (Matthew Marshall) and sound and video (David Bergman) are as carefully designed and coordinated as the timing of the performers themselves.” Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers.

“David Bergman’s high-powered sound and video designs add a new layer of polish.” Ben Brooker.


“Six of the seven strong team behind the Wharf Revue, including lighting designer Matthew Marshall and sound/video designer David Bergman, are veterans of the show, which explains why it's such a well oiled machine. In Open for Business the creators take the many humorous moments in the past year's politics and spin them into gold. The Revue team are going from strength to strength.” Suzanne Rath, Arts Hub.

“It is a fast-paced and slick performance, enhanced in particular this year by David Bergman’s dynamic video design” Geraldine Worthington.


“David Bergman, the sound and video designer, has done exceptional work with some great video sequences that complement the live action.” Len Power, City News.


“It's a brilliant start (boosted by David Bergman's booming sound), the evergreen satirical showcase at its best.” Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald.

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