Book by Ashleigh Taylor and Ben Bennett, Music & Lyrics by Ben Bennett

Director Neil Gooding
Musical Director Nicholas Griffin
Choreographer Kyla Bartholomeusz
Lighting Designer Veronique Benett
Sound Designer David Bergman
Set & Costume Designer Lauren Peters
Orchestrator Mitchell Sloan

Starring Ben Bennett, Ashleigh Taylor, Christian Charisiou & Pippa Grandison

Playful, tender and heartwarming, The Life Of Us follows the long-distance romance of Charlie and Ellie. Forced apart by circumstance, they maintain their relationship through technology, but how much connection can a person truly feel through a screen? As we watch their lives unfold and their relationships crumble, we begin to understand what we want isn’t always what we need.
The Life Of Us is a modern day musical that looks at how we love and what it means to be connected.

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