Writer - Daniel Keene
Director - Stephen Rayne
Designer - Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer - Damien Cooper
Composer & Sound Designer - Steve Francis
Video Designer - David Bergman

A unique collaboration between the Sydney Theatre Company and the Australian Defence Force.

Created from first-hand accounts, The Long Way Home reflects the Australian Defence Force's recent experiences on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor as well as humanitarian and disaster relief.


“The work of video designer David Bergman (grainy effects, projected text, unflinching straight-to-camera interviews) is powerful”. Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Steve Francis (composer & sound designer) and David Bergman (video design) have created a high-octane theatrical experience. It is slick, simple and cinematic. This is theatre on steroids - so evocative you can almost smell the explosives and feel the sand of Afghanistan on your face.” Whitney Fitzsimmons, Stage Whispers.

“… video imagery by David Bergman as well as text and interviews with the soldiers, is highly effective.” Jo Litson.

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