Angela Betzien Writer
Sarah Goodes Director
Elizabeth Gadsby Designer
Nicholas Rayment Lighting Designer
Steve Francis Composer & Sound Designer
David Bergman Video Designer
Priscilla Jackman Assistant Director
Charmian Gradwell Voice & Text Coach
“... a vast expanse used for stunning video projections of the Australian bush (David Bergman), is an effective and stunning design to bring together the quiet house, and the endless expanse and mystery of nature.” Bec Caton, Aussie Theatre.
    “ David Bergman’s video design captures the aesthetic of Australian Gothic — beautiful, lost girls in a beautiful, dark landscape, haunted by past atrocities — as much as Betzien’s writing captures the principles behind the genre.” Ben Neutze, Daily Review.
    “Projections designed by David Bergman evoke that strangeness, and do a great deal to bring resolution to the plot.” The Australian.

Other work

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